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One of the oldest manufacturers of ultralight and light sport aircraft was at the E.A.A. Sun N Fun Convention, and had a booth in the LSA Mall in Paradise City. Danny Dezauche owner of CGS Aviation who purchased the company in 2009 had on display several of his light sport and experimental light sport aircraft.

CGS Aviation produces both single and two seat ultralight and experimental aircraft and has produced well over 1500 aircraft to date. Currently in the two seat version CGS Aviation offers both experimental amateur built, experimental light sport, and Special Light Sport aircraft powered by the Rotax 582 two stroke engine, The Rotax 912 series of engines, and had on display the first CGS Hawk that will be certified with the HKS twin cylinder four stroke 60 HP engine.

CGS also offers their aircraft in both tri-cycle gear, as a taildragger and also have a float plane version. (In the experimental amateurbuilt category the builder can use any engine he wants, he is limited in the other categories).

By the time you read this the Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) Hawk that Danny had on display at Sun N Fun will be in the hands of it's new owners who will be operating a flight training school using a CGS Hawk in Arkansas. CFIs Glen Suffern and Bob Smith of Dream Air Adventure, LLC in Lonoke, Arkansas, are setting up shop to conduct flight training with the new CGS Hawk SLSA powered by the HKS 700E. Bob and Glen will also be offering flight training for anyone wanting to learn to fly in a light plane or who are transitioning to a Hawk.

Danny indicates that the price of a fully built, ready to fly, turn key SLSA CGS Hawk equipped with the HKS 60 HP four stroke engine comes in at less than $50,000.

For more information on the CGS Hawk line of light sport and expermental light sport aicraft: visit

Dream Air Adventure, LLC
Address: #18 Kitty Hawk Lane
School: Country Air Estates
City: Lonoke, AR 72086 USA
Phone: (501) 516-6159


CGS Aviation, CGS Hawk, CGS light sport aircraft, CGS experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft kits, Sport Aviation Magazine.

CGS Hawk SLSA from CGS Aviation

CGS Hawk SLSA from CGS Aviation


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