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While at the Aero-Expo in Friedrichshafen Germany we had the opportunity to talk to Roberto Merico of Magnaghi Aeronatica manufacturers of the SkyArrow light sport aircraft. The SkyArrow features all composite construction, tandem seating, in a pusher configuration, with dual controls, flaps and adjustable rudder pedals.

The new SkyArrow on display at AERO had the Rotax 912iS engine. According to Roberto the new installation was done due to costumer requests. With the installation the company also changed the location of the fuel tanks, moving them out into the wings.

This relocation of the fuel tanks now allows for seven hours of flight time on the SkyArrow. This is an advantage for pilots flying cross country flights where fuel availability or quality may be a consideration. The new Rotax 912iS engine is nearly 36% more efficient than the 912 ULS, which takes the seven hours to just over 10 hours!

Magnahi Aeronautica is a world wide manufacturer of aircraft parts, and has production facilities all over the world. It is planned to start production of the SkyArrow in Brazil, which has a very active aerospace community and uses the same ASTM standards as the U.S. for certification of light sport aircraft. This will allow sales and distribution of the SkyArrow to a number of markets.

It is expected that the new wing and 912iS engine installation will be available to U.S. customers later this year. According to Roberto, Magnahi will also continue to offer hand controls for the SkyArrow, which has been used by Hansen AirGroup and Able flight to teach handicapped individuals how to fly in the SkyArrow.

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